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    21 mm canvas M


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      21 mm canvas M


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        21 mm grey M


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          21 mm dark grey M


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            21 mm black canvas M


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            Our Values 

            The Ole Mathiesen values are born from the Scandinavian virtues of modernism which focus on functionalism and simplification of form. The purpose is to improve the daily life to create harmony and affordable pleasure inspired by durability functionality and reliability - as well as less tangible values such as simplicity and equality. The values in an Ole Mathiesen watch are discrete classic timely as well as timeless - never ostentatious.

            Our Focus 

            Ole Mathiesen applies the Danish design principles of simplicity, quality and focus to one of our most precious assets: time. The simplicity of the Ole Mathiesen watch calls for the ability to focus on what matters. And in the design process the watchmakers ask themselves: How can we design to last a century rather than a season? Always with the focus: the design is not finished when there is nothing left to add but rather when there is nothing left to remove.

            Our Trademark 

            The unmistakable trademarks of Ole Mathiesen’s design are indebted to the three concepts on which his watch design was based – honesty tradition and quality. The design of Ole Mathiesen’s classic watch from 1962 builds on the design tradition that has its roots in functionalism and it represents the very essence of a timekeeping instrument being both timeless as well as timely offering a harmonious interaction between the watch and the wearer.

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