Watch Maintenance

How to treat your watch and what to focus on, as well as be informed about the aftersale service required. You’ll also find information about repairs by Ole Mathiesen.

Services and maintenance

In order to safeguard the integrity and longevity of your watch, a regular service is recommended at intervals of between three and five years for mechanical watches and 5-7 years for quartz watches, depending on the type of watch and its general wear and tear. Batteries in quartz watches however, normally last only two or three years and these watches will need to be returned more frequently for a quick battery change. A maintenance service includes countless operations involving many different skills and and requires time. The process and steps includes diagnose, dismantling, cleaning of all parts, case polishing, re-assembly, regulating and accuracy testing and final quality control (the final quality test alone take up to 5 days for quartz watches and up to10 days for mechanical watches).

Waterproof watches

Waterproof Ole Mathiesen (or other brand) watches should have the water-resistance checked yearly or each time the watch is opened. We recommend that all seals are replaced every second year.

Calfskin straps

The average lifetime of a calfskin strap is normally 8-14 month. Please note that water, humidity, oils, cosmetics or prolonged exposure to sunlight can premature the aging the strap.


Timepieces are exposed to magnetic fields on a daily basis, and this is more widespread in our surroundings now than ever before. If the steel components in the movement are magnetized, it may influence the precision dramatically. Avoid placing the watch on or near permanent magnets, such as those found in cell phones, speakers, computers, magnetic locks on handbags and other objects. Quartz watches will temporarily stop during the time they are exposed to a magnetic field and will continue to run when they are not. Mechanical watches will either gain or lose time (in some cases stop all together) when they have been exposed to a magnetic field. Generally they will only need to be demagnetized in order to return to normal functioning. Demagnetizing is a fairly simple process which can be done within a few minutes. This must be done at an authorized watch repair maker.


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