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The Ole Mathiesen flagship store is located in the heart of Copenhagen. We offer a broad selection of brands, as well as wide range of support and service directly at your disposal. We also have an extended network of retailers offering Ole Mathiesen premium and handcrafted products worldwide, dedicated of helping you to find the ideal Ole Mathiesen watch.

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Through three generations Ole Mathiesen have preserved an exceptional degree of continuity and maintained a great admiration for traditional watch craftsmanship, new technology and aesthetic design. The first Ole Mathiesen watches was designed in 1962 but our history dates back to 1845.

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You are welcome to visit our flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen. It's possible for you to book an appointment or simply drop by our store. Whether visiting our store or our network of global Ole Mathiesen partners, you will find inspiration for your next watch investment.

Ole Mathiesen boutique

1962 Classic

The 1962 Classic collection was designed with the clear intention of introducing an enduring timepiece – strong enough to find harmony in its own form never pretentious in form nor price. This collection subtly complements its wearer with a focus on the essential function: simply telling time.

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