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What is a cookie?

We use cookies, which are small text files stored on your browser, your computer, your cell phone, or a similar device. The purpose of a cookie is to recognize settings, compile statistics and target ads. Cookies cannot contain a damaging code, such as e.g. a virus. There are different types of cookies, including cookies, which are deleted once you close your browser (session cookies), and cookies, which are stored on your computer even if it is shut down (persistent cookies). A distinction is also made between whether the cookies are placed by Ole Mathiesen (First-Party cookies) or by one of Ole Mathiesens’s business partners (Third-Party cookies).

Settings for cookies

The use of cookies is primarily used in order to improve the functionality and the experience at the website, as cookies make it possible to store information from your previous visits to the website, including previous searches, language settings and user consent, which will reduce the processing time on the website. Ole Mathiesen may also use cookies to register your use of the website and searches on the site, and to collect information about any traffic between the website and any of the websites of Ole Mathiesen’s business partners. IT IS POSSIBLE TO DELETE COOKIES OR TO BLOCK COOKIES. If you delete cookies, ads may be less relevant to you and you may receive more ads. Also, you may risk that the website will not work at optimum, and there might be certain areas of the website that you cannot access.

Third parties

The website contains cookies from the following third parties: Net Google .com


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